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Historically, September has been the worst month for global markets. Since 1950, the DOW has averaged -0.8% and the S&P500 has averaged -0.5% in September. This phenomenon has been dubbed ‘September Effect.’ It is a market anomaly, and is not related to any particular or tangible event/occurrence.

The September Effect is not ‘investable,’ we already know that time in the market beats timing the market.

It’s generally understood that the causes may include seasonal behavior change for individual investors, post-summer expenses, and tax-loss harvesting.


The Bank of Canada (BOC) BOC is Canada’s Central bank. It is a crown corporation which means it’s owned by the government ergo the public. The BOC is essentially responsible for maintaining the public’s confidence in its fiat currency, the Canadian dollar, by providing low-stable inflation.

More specifically, they control the overnight interest rate, printing of money and quantitative easing. The overnight interest rate is the rate Canadian Banks must pay each other for borrowing. There is a trickledown effect from the overnight rate to the rates retail investors/borrowers pay or are paid for their cash/credit, this is reflected in the Canadian banks ‘Prime Rates.’

Currently, the BOC’s overnight rate is just 0.25%, while Canadian banks prime rates are 2.45%. Over the last 10 years, bank prime rates have stayed around 2 to 2.25% above the overnight rate.

Dropping interest rates is often the first reaction when the BOC is faced with a tragedy like the Great Financial Crisis or the Corona Virus Pandemic.

To drop rates however, you need to have somewhere to drop them to. 0.25% is already on the floor, the BOC will be feeling pressure to increase rates especially now that inflation is getting questionable (4.1% annualized in August,) as forewarned in our January newsletter.


We are expecting the recent market volatility to continue through October, or at least until the debt ceiling issue is resolved. The debt ceiling topic comes up every few years and is heavily politicized. We don’t expect any issues to come from it. Of course, if the US government shuts down or defaults that would be horrendous for markets and the US economy, but we really don’t see that as likely. It takes a “super majority” of votes to increase the debt ceiling, but even if the democrats and Republicans can’t settle, there are a few other means by which Biden could circumvent Government closure or default. He could simply blow through it, while technically illegal it’s entirely possible. He could mint a ‘trillion dollars’ platinum coin to adjust the balance sheet of the Federal reserve.


We’ve decided to forego the statement notes this quarter on account of being abnormally busy. The fall is always busier than usual, possibly for some of the same reasons as mentioned in the ‘September Effect’ segment. We believe it’s been exacerbated by the softened COVID restrictions and by everyone (who chose to get it,) having the COVID vaccine and now feeling comfortable to come in again, which we love!

As such, if you have any questions at all, please feel very welcome to reach out. We’d love to hear from you. We will once again be donating in lieu of Christmas cards this year. Please let us know if you have a charity that is near to your heart, and we will add it to our list!


Never test the depth of a river with both feet.

Warren Buffet

Finance that only talks to itself & deals with each other becomes socially useless.

Mark Carney

If you cannot understand why someone did something, look at the consequences and infer the motivation.

Carl Jung

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