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What does a cyclical bear market look like?

In the last 100 years, if you remove the 3 biggest bear markets (1938, 1946 and 2000) which were crises, the average bear market has only lasted 50 weeks with an average drawdown of 31%. We are 22 weeks into this cyclical bear market with a peak to (intraday) trough of around -20%. The causes for bear markets are almost always unique, but the outcome is always the same (except for duration.) That is why expected future returns go up as the market goes down.

Famous last words of investing are ‘this time it’s different.’

2022 has been a very tough year in the markets, there has been almost nowhere to hide, even the bond market is down ~10%, term deposits are losing 6-8% to inflation. Canada’s resource rich TSX market has been somewhat insulated here and has been a reminder for the value of global diversification.

What should investors be doing?

In March we sent out a letter asking clients to please let us know if there were near-term needs for cash (the market was down a bit already, but still positive in the 12-month period at that time and only down year-to-date 1/3rd of what it is now) so we were really glad to have touched base with those people who had upcoming expenses and hopefully they have all been brought to our attention and planned for.

Naturally, we cannot help clients plan for something we don’t know is upcoming. Other than that, you just need to stay the course until the market comes around; and it will.

Regarding young investors or people starting out, you really need to try to increase your systematic payments into your investments at times like this… The dollars you put into the market this year will be some of your best purchases you will ever have the opportunity to make in your life.

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We know seeing market fluctuations can be stressful, especially in tandem with cost of living going up and so much uncertainty in the world. It’s at times like these I can better empathize with dentists and doctors who have the unfortunate task of frequently delivering bad news to patients. The good news here is, this ailment will come to an end naturally and without having to cut sugar from your diet. The difficult part is that we can’t know when it will end exactly, we can only look at the numbers, estimate and plan.

Summer plans

We issued this investor letter a month early in part to inform you that Hans will taking 1 week off June 13th to June 20th. During that weekend, June 18th-19th, Investia are doing their final FundEX-Investia systems amalgamation and they have requested that we avoid processing unncecessary transactions in that preceding week, so as to avoid technical issues. This coincides with the Canadian Formula 1 Grand Prix in Montreal, which Hans will be attending with his partner, Brianne. Brianne, bought Hans the Formula 1 tickets for Christmas.

As many of you know, Hans has been a big Formula 1 fan since ~2014 and will be Cheering on Checo and Max for the Redbull racing team! He will still be accessible at this time for emergency issues or anything that can’t wait until the following week.

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